Conference Program Session

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Sunday, November 4
S.1 Sessions  (1:30PM - 4:30PM)

Session Number Room
Session Title Presenter(s)
S.1.01 201C Fred Russell Strategic Enrollment Management Workshop Kelly Brooks & Tara Moses
S.1.02 201B National Student Clearinghouse Workshop Julie Esau & Tina Damico

Monday, November 5
M.1 Sessions  (8:00AM - 8:50AM)

M.1.01 102 Update on Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Work on Undergraduate Education: Texas Core Curriculum and 60x30TX. Dr. Reinhold Cornelius
M.1.02 201A Admissions 101:  Tips and Tricks for New Admission/Recruitment Personnel Rebecca Lothringer
M.1.03 203C Colleague Student Planning:  An Implementation Success Story & Game Changer for Departments Bobby Lothringer
M.1.04 203A Data Requests - Best Practices Justin Schilke
M.1.05 101 Going Paperless: Automating Admission, Advisement and Registration Processes for Dual Credit Zachary Suarez
M.1.06 201B Hashtags, Filters, and Tweets, Oh My! Anam Iqbal
M.1.07 202B I Want My Life Back - Taming the Outlook Monster Melissa Hyatt
M.1.08 202C Residency 101 with THECB Kathleen Cordova
M.1.10 204 Updates to Developmental Education for Community Colleges Bobby Jenkins & Julie Eklund
M.1.11 202D Catalog and Curriculum Management: Best Practices and New Technologies Hadra Brown

M.2 Sessions  (9:20AM - 10:10AM)

M.2.01 204 CBM Reporting (1st session) Victor Reyna
M.2.02 201A Check the Reference Manual Selton Rigsby
M.2.03 201B Getting the Most Out of Peer to Peer Interactions with SchoolsApp Dali Hatanville
M.2.04 102 Curriculum and Catalog: Managing the Data Elements of Accreditation Like a Pro Brandy Piner & Emily Rhodes
M.2.05 203A Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time Chris Reed
M.2.06 203C Full Circle: Methods to Recruit and Retain Underrepresented Groups Landon Ellison & Lauren Whiteman
M.2.07 202C Generation Z:  What do we need to know? Gayonne Beavers
M.2.08 203B Graduation Self Service - Student Planning Holly Surginer
M.2.09 101 NCAA Institutional Control:  What Can the Office of the Registrar Contribute Kyle Yates
M.2.10 202B Registrar 101 Brenda Schumann, David Short & Lorena Rios
M.2.11 202D Validating the Class Schedule with CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS): How Rice University took Control of the most Laborious Record! Patrick Boateng
M.2.12 202A Supporting Online Students Richard Jimmerson
M.2.13 201C University and Community College Partnerships: Seamless Transition for Transfer Students Kerri Mikulik

M.3 Sessions  (10:20AM - 11:10AM)

M.3.01 102 Ask The State Decha Reid & Kathleen Cordova
M.3.02 204 CBM Reporting (2nd session) Victor Reyna
M.3.03 201A Creating & Maintaing the Apply Texas Application - 2 & 4 Year Schools Laura Isdell & Michelle Walker
M.3.04 201C Dual Credit Onboarding Initiative;  Optimizing the Student Enrollment Process Zachary Suarez
M.3.05 202B Hungry, Smart, Humble: 3 Key Elements to Finding the Best Fits for Your Team, A Different Way to Inerview Teresa Ringo & Maria Busby
M.3.06 203B I am ready to Enroll! Jessica Cravens
M.3.07 203C Learn About TACRAO from the Current and Past Presidents of TACRAO Irene Robinson, Rebecca Griffith, Darla Inglish, Rebecca Lothringer, Joe Papari & Oscar Reyna
M.3.08 203A Records Security: What are you doing in there? Bobbie Brown
M.3.09 101 Registrar's Office Version 2.0 Kate Richardson & Melinda Carroll
M.3.10 202C So You Want to Be a Leader in Enrollment Management Dr. Dawn Remmers, Dr. Kimshi Hickman &         Dr. Rebecca Lothringer
M.3.11 202A Someone Left; Now What? Brandi Havens
M.3.12 201B Building a Strong Campus Visit Program Rachel Jenkins & Karen Moser
M.3.13 103 Enrollment Reporting & Auditing. The NSC, NSLDS, and You. Casey Wilson
M.3.14 202D Make an Impact! Personalize the Student's Experience with CourseLeaf Matt Koop

M.4 Sessions  (1:30PM - 2:20PM)

M.4.01 203A Academic Regalia, Pomp and Circumstance: Traditions and Trends in Ceremonies John Hall, Nancy Skochdopole & Todd Chiscano
M.4.02 201C Creating a One-Stop Student Service Center (U Central):  Improving Quality Through the Integration of Services Debbie Gilchrist
M.4.03 202C GDPR and Higher Education:  What You Need to Know George Finney
M.4.04 202A Hawk Scholars Academy:  A High School, College, and Univeristy Partnership Renae Tribble & Rachel Jones
M.4.05 103 Hot Topics - Online Education Bobbie Brown
M.4.06 203C Intersection of Strategic Enrollment Management & Pathways Laura Isdell & Jamie Posey
M.4.07 202B Let's Go for a Walk - Ehance your Managerial Mojo Rebecca Griffith
M.4.08 201A The Changing World of International Admissions Jay Horn
M.4.09 102 The Texas Common Course Numbering System John Spencer
M.4.10 204 Updates to TSI and Other Related Issues for all Institutions Dr. Suzanne Morales-Vale
M.4.11 201B Want Students to Respond to You?  Text Them! Dustie Hamilton
M.4.12 202D It’s Time to Replace Your Legacy SIS: The Workday Student Experience Corey McClain & Nate Bannick
M.4.13 101 Transcript Automation Done Right: Empowering Registrars in a Digital World Josh Hoagland

M.5 Sessions  (2:30PM - 3:20PM)

M.5.01 102 Automating CBM Reports: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Nancy Jones & Blanca Guerra
M.5.02 201C College Recritment and the Registrar's Office?  Huh?! Troy G White
M.5.03 204 Dual Credit Update Andrew Lofters
M.5.04 202A High School Counselors:  What Do They Really Need? Shola Ijoyah
M.5.05 101 Hot Topics - Technology and Data Collection Justin Schilke
M.5.06 201A Hot Topics:   Transfer Credit/Transfer Articulation Celeste Trevino
M.5.07 201B It's My Circus, But Not My Monkey Laurie Castillo & Shahrzad Sameri
M.5.08 202B Shifting the Course Placement Paradigm: An Innovative New Approach to Improving Student Readiness and Success Don Pitchford
M.5.09 203A We're going to need a bigger boat: Surviving the ominous seas of a State Audit Daniel Garcia & Alejandra Perez
M.5.10 103 VA Benefits Processing and Hazlewood Reporting Melissa Hyatt
M.5.11 202C What is a Learning Organization? How Can my Office Become One? Brenda Schumann
M.5.12 202D Streamlining the Student Experience Dan Webb
M.5.13 203C Gender Identity: Implications for Your SIS and Policies & Procedures Lynda Landham

Tuesday, November 6
T.1 Sessions  (8:00AM - 8:50AM)

T.1.01 202A Are You Pouring from an Empty Glass? Blanca Guerra & Brandy Piner
T.1.02 202C Assisting Undocumented, SB 1528, and DACA Students Gina Romero & Melissa Martinez Dominguez
T.1.03 103 You are Not Alone: Bringing Athletic Certification Officers Together Carol Bonner & Ana Rodriguez
T.1.04 202B Growing Up Admissions Andi Scott
T.1.05 204 Improving Transfer through the use of Field of Study Curricula Rex Peebles
T.1.06 203B NSLDS - Enrollment Reporting: What the Registrars Need to Know Brenda B. Powers & Robert Jenkins
T.1.07 201C One- Stop Shops - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! Karen Clark & Dustie Hamilton
T.1.08 203A Partnering with Faculty: Help Me Help You Brenda Burton & Sonja Morale
T.1.09 201B Recruiting & Connecting First-Generation Students Victor Lopez
T.1.10 203C Tips & Tricks for Banner 9 Schedule Build Sammie Halley
T.1.11 102 What's New in Degree Works? Paige Bussell & Chris Frost
T.1.12 202D Beyond the Catalog… Anita Aker
T.1.13 201A Hot Topics: Private Institutions TBD

T.2 Sessions  (9:20AM - 10:10AM)

T.2.01 103 Are you Maximizing your Clearinghouse Services - PART ONE Julie Esau
T.2.02 203B Do We Really Need Balloons? A Guide for Successful Outreach Peporting Francisco Perez & Karina Garcia
T.2.03 201A Dual Credit Roundtable:  Data Sharing with School Districts Dottie Phillips
T.2.04 202D Kuali-ty Curriculum & Catalog Management in a Chaotic World Daniel O'Rourke
T.2.05 102 The Strategic Enrollment Planning Imperative: Higher Education Past and Present Sylvia Ewell
T.2.06 202C Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse with College Students Darryal Williams
T.2.07 201C Swing Your Partner, Dosey Doe: Teaming Up Registrar & Financial Aid Staff  Sofia Montes
T.2.08 203A The History of AP, IB, CLEP, and Dual Credit, Part 1: Why Do We Accept What We Accept for Credit? Brenda Burton
T.2.09 203C Using Excel with Data Part 1: Tools for your Excel Toolbox Emily Rhodes
T.2.10 201B Ways to Engage and Manage a Student Staff Aaron Chavarria
T.2.11 204 FERPA: It's Not Just for Registrars Leroy Rooker
T.2.12 202A Trailblazing Resources To Enhance Your Enrollment Goals Robert Hogeda, Jr.
T.2.13 202B Commencement News and Reviews Alan Suckow

T.3 Sessions  (10:20AM - 11:10AM)

T.3.01 202B Ad Astra Users Group Michelle Madrid
T.3.02 103 Are you Maximizing your Clearinghouse Services - PART TWO Julie Esau
T.3.04 102 Creating Efficiencies Within Your Office Eric Amidon & Elise Decker
T.3.06 203A Emergency and Safety Preparedness for Ceremonies: Considerations, Planning, Implementation John Hall, Nancy Skochdopole, Todd Chiscano & Bobby Lothringer
T.3.07 201A Family & Work…How Do You Balance? Brandi Havens
T.3.08 201C Hot Topics Graduate & Professional Schools Andrea Yen
T.3.09 202D Learning to Listen Justin Schilke
T.3.10 203B Transfer Equivalency Guides for Students Paley Wu & Monica Gomez
T.3.11 202C Transfer Student Panel - What do They Really Want? Patrick Jackson & Laura Escamilla
T.3.12 203C Using Excel with Data Part 2: Example Scenarios Emily Rhodes
T.3.13 204 FERPA Compliance Considerations Leroy Rooker
T.3.14 201B Calendaring, Catalogs, and Curriculum, Oh My! Brenda Schumann

T.4 Sessions  (1:15PM - 2:05PM)

T.4.01 203B Doing More by Working Together: High School Application Intake Strategies in Partnership with EPCC and UTEP Carlos Joel Gonzalez & Michael Talamantes
T.4.02 202A Enhancing the High School Counselor Visit Abbi Pfister
T.4.03 204 GDPR: How and Why Your Institution Can Be Impacted William Gil
T.4.04 102 Harvey Came Knocking: Lessons Learned from Allison, Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav and Other Uninvited Guests Cassandra Heavrin
T.4.05 201B Hot Topics:  Recruitment Jeanette Tamez
T.4.06 203C Implementing a Corequisite Model in the Registrar's Office Dr. Martha Ellis
T.4.07 202C Leaving it in the Dressing Room:  Managing Professional and Personal Experiences Michael Casias
T.4.08 201C Modernizing GEM:  An Innovative Approach to Graduate Recruitment and Engagement Emmanuel Watkins & Maria Medrano Guillen
T.4.09 201A Organized Chaos Sheila Gray
T.4.10 103 Rules, Rules, Rules! Jonathan Helm & Robert Jenkins
T.4.11 203A The Next Level of Class Roster Certification Juan Gilberto Garcia & Rene Prado
T.4.12 202B What We've Got Here is a Failure to Communicate Troy White & Kevin Caffey
T.4.13 202D Certified Electronic Diplomas and Paper Diplomas: Come and 'C' what Paradigm can offer your students Elizabeth Kudnde

T.5 Sessions  (2:15PM - 3:05PM)

T.5.02 204 Federal Updates from AACRAO William Gil
T.5.03 103 Hot Topics - Registrars (2 Year Schools) Chris Gore
T.5.04 203B Hot Topics - Registrars (4 Year Schools) David Short
T.5.05 201A Hot Topics:  Admission Processing Connie Ealy & Catherine Roueche-Herdman
T.5.06 202B Hot Topics:  Orientation Krystal Marroquin
T.5.07 203A Impacting Student Retention and Graduation through a Graduation Help Desk Kimshi Hickman, Codie Hernandez & Soyla Hernandez
T.5.08 203C Math Pathways Dr. Martha Ellis
T.5.10 202C Positive Communication in a  Negative World:  It is Posiibile! Lynda Langham
T.5.11 102 CRM Hot Topics Dali Hatanville
T.5.12 202D TES® and Transferology™: Simplify Transfer John Schoenborn
T.5.13 201C Turn the Diploma from Headaches to Opportunity for You and Your Graduates Veronica Nunez

T.6 Sessions  (3:45PM - 4:30PM)

T.6.01 201B CenTACRAO Regional Meeting Anni Judkins
T.6.02 202C ETACRAO Regional Meeting Linda Langham
T.6.03 201A NTCCURAO Regional Meeting Dali Hatanville
T.6.04 201C SETACRAO Regional Meeting Irene Robinson
T.6.05 202B STARAO Regional Meeting Lorena Rios
T.6.06 202A WTACRAO Regional Meeting Diane Brice

Wednesday, November 7
W.1 Sessions  (8:00AM - 8:50AM)

W.1.01 202B COLLEAGUE Birds of a Feather Scott Branum, Irene Robinson & Laura Divine
W.1.02 202A Community College Banner Reporting Round Table Todd Fields
W.1.03 201B Enrollment & Engagement - How Orienation is the Key! Krystal Marroquin
W.1.04 201C Graduate Recruitment:  A Story of Transition Andrea Yen
W.1.05 201A Hot Topics: International Recruitment & Admissions Dara Newton
W.1.06 202C PeopleSoft Birds of a Feather Brenda Powers

W.2 Sessions  (9:00AM - 9:50AM)

W.2.01 201A Going Paperless: Automating Admission, Advisement, and Registration Processes for Dual Credit Programs Dottie Phillips
W.2.02 202B Jenzabar Birds of a Feather Chris Gore & Melinda Carroll
W.2.03 201B Recruiter Olympics Michael Casias & Rene Zamora
W.2.04 202C SPEEDE: EDI Information Roundtable Joe Olivares III & Steven Rung
W.2.05 202A Banner Birds of a Feather David Short
W.2.06 201C Health Professions & Health Science Centers Hot Topics Robert Jenkins