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For access issues or immediate assistance contact the TACRAO Secretary.
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Share your views, ask for help, or make annoucements to the entire membership via email quickly and easily with the Listserv. Instructions on how to join or quit are included.

Texas Swing Calendar

Calendar for 2017-18 is available in Excel format or PDF format.  As updates or changes become available, we will update and reload the list.

Subscriber Instructions to access Invoice for College Day/Night Programs

College Day/Night Program

NEW - 2017-18 College/Day Night Schedule by Week Only

Schedule is produced annually by the TACRAO High School Relations Standing Committee. It is provided during the month of June to all TACRAO member institutions, as well as to each subscriber to the Day/Night Program (see application form on Documents page). This may be released within either of these institutions to other individuals who have need of it. It may not be released outside the institution, nor posted on any website or listserv.   Please note that the database is updated with all changes and may not be sent through emails.  Sharing the schedule with others not from your institution violates the agreement and your institution may have their membership revoked.

For access issues contact the TACRAO Secretary.  

For information about the high school college day/night schedule contact the respective members of the High School Relations Committee.

Mail Merge to Word Document:  WARNING - Please note that the database is updated with all changes and may not be sent through emails.  Relying only on an initial export may cause inaccurate event information.

Mail Merge Instructions (PDF)

Mail Merge Document (Microsoft Word .docx)

College Day/Night Program Rules and Regulations (participating institutions and host schools)

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