TACRAO provides for two general categories of membership - Institutional and Affiliate

  • Institutional / active membership is open to Texas institutions of higher education which hold membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-COC).  Each member institution will designate active members from their professional staff.  Institutional enrollment will determine the annual membership dues paid by each institution and also determines the number of active members designated by the institution.
  • Affiliate membership is open only to those non-educational institutions with purposes parallel to those of TACRAO, who desire to participate in non-voting activities. Affiliate membership is approved by the TACRAO Executive Committee.

For more information concerning the above categories of membership, please refer to the Resources tab - Governing Documents.

Institutions outside of Texas may not be members of TACRAO, but rather may, upon approval, become subscribers to the College Day/Night Program - see more information about this in the Events tab.