TACRAO Leadership Nominations

On behalf of the 2022 Nominations and Elections Committee, we invite you to submit your nominations for the following executive committee positions using the links below (accessible once you log on to the TACRAO site).

Membership also selects the 2023 Nominations & Elections Committee.  Melissa Hyatt (Texas State University-San Marcos), received the most votes this past year and will serve as Chair of N&E next year.  We need 4 more TACRAOans to join her on the 2023 N&E committee.  You may nominate members for this committee by using the link below:

An outline of the election procedures may be found in the TACRAO Bylaws, Article II.  Governance documents are accessible here, but if you are unable to locate the Bylaws feel free to reach out to me and I will provide a copy to you.  Also available on the site is the TACRAO Procedures Manual, which describes the duties and responsibilities of each executive position.

Connect with members you want to nominate to make sure they are interested and able and then - nominate, nominate, nominate!  You are not limited in the number of nominations you can make; all names put forth are considered.  Self-nominations are equally considered. 

Nominee submission will be available from May 11 through June 3. Voting for the executive positions will take place later in the summer.