Conference Presenter Information

Thank you for sharing your expertise with our membership at the 2019 Annual Meeting.  Please note the important information below:

1.  Presenters need to bring their own laptop for their session presentations.  TACRAO will have a projector available in every session room.

2.  If your laptop does not have a standard input for the projector connection, please be sure to bring an adaptor for your particular laptop.

3.  Please note the location of your presentation room.  Rooms with " - GCC" after the name are in the Galveston Convention Center and rooms with " - Hilton" after the name are in the Hilton hotel next door (the rooms are just inside the entrance closest to the Convention Center).

4.  A 2019 TACRAO PowerPoint template has been created if you would like to utilize it for your presentation.  Click here to download the template.

5.  If you are willing to share your presentation for download from the TACRAO website and the Guidebook app, please email it Bobby Lothringer, President-Elect, at Please indicate your TACRAO session number, session title, and presenter information in the email.