Discussion Forum

At previous TACRAO meetings and webinars, it was requested that TACRAO look in to starting a discussion board/forum for topics related to the profession. As a trial run of this, we have launched a discussion board for Enrollment Reporting. Depending on how that experience is and how much the forum is used, the Executive Committee will look into expanding into other areas (e.g., graduation, admissions, recruiting, transfer credit).

Accessing the Discussion Fourm

To access the discussion board:

  1. Log in at https://tacrao.memberclicks.net/login
  2. On the right hand side under Quick Links, you will see "Discussion Forums" near the bottom of the list. Click on that link.
  3. You will be taken to a list of the difference Discussion Forums available. Click on the one you wish to enter.
  4. You may view any existing topics and/or create a new topic for discussion.

Subscribing to Posts

In order to limit the number of emails TACRAO members receive, it was decided that we would not automatically send updates to the forum or postings unless you specifically requested them. You have a few different options: subscribing to individual topics or subscribing to all posts within a specific forum.

Subscribing to an Individual Topic

When you create a topic for discussion, you will have the ability to "subscribe" to the topic. This will send an email to you when any replies are made to the topic you posted. We recommend that you subscribe to topics you have created.

If you are looking at different topics, you can subscribe to the topic by clicking on the grey Subscribe button at the bottom. This will send an email to you when any replies are made to the topic you posted.

Subscribing to all Posts within a Forum

In some cases, you may find it more helpful to simply be emailed any time a new post is created in a specific forum. You can set this request globally by:

  1. Go to https://tacrao.memberclicks.net/membership-page
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Hover over the My Profile tab and go to Contact Preferences
  4. Scroll down to Forum Subscriptions
  5. Set your notifications as you would like to have them


If you have any feedback or questions about the forum feature, please send it to [email protected].