TACRAO Membership or Subscription Information and Contacts

TACRAO supports various memberships and affiliations that support the continued education of Texas students.

Please view the below information to be routed to the correct landing area to meet your needs. 

Membership or Access Type

Qualifying Criteria

More Information and Forms

Texas Members
(SACS-COC Partners)
Meet Both Criteria:
*Texas Higher Education Institution
*Accredited by SACS-COC
If you are a current member or would like
to be a future member, please visit our
Member page.
Day/Night Schedule Subscribers

Meet One of the Following Criteria:
*Out-of-State Accredited* Institution
*Texas Non-SACS-COC Accredited* Institution
*Military Partners
*Foreign Accredited* Institutions or Institutions At Highest Recognition Level of Government

*More information provided on accreditation 
and related requirements on information page.

If you meet the Day/Night schedule subscriber
criteria and would like access to the recruitment
schedule, please visit our list Subscriber page.
Affiliate Members

Meet All Criteria:
Non-educational entity
Do not desire college day/night list access
or membership list access
*Do not plan to solicit product/service
*Organization has purpose parallel to TACRAO

If you meet the affiliate criteria,
please visit our Affiliate page.
High School/School District Partners Meet the Following Criteria:
High School/ISD interested in being added to the 
TACRAO College Day/Night Schedule

If you are interested in being added to the 
TACRAO schedule, please contact [email protected]

Exhibitors Meet the Following Criteria:
*Exhibitors who would like to participate
in future TACRAO conference

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitors, please contact [email protected] and/or complete Sponsor Registration for the Annual Conference.

Others? If you have a question related to TACRAO participation that is not related to the categories above, please
contact the TACRAO secretary for assistance.